Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use for the sabers?
We use galvanized pipe or bare steel (reclaimed when available) for the saber and genuine quarts crystals.

How are the sabers assembled?
Each saber is either welded or epoxied together.

Are the batteries replaceable?
Yes. Sabers that come equipped with a built in LED light have access for replacing the batteries. Unscrew the base of the LED light in the hilt to access the batteries.

Are the LED lights replaceable?
Yes, they are. Using a flat head screw driver you can remove the LED light from the hilt of the saber for replacement. Retain the adhesive foam to ensure the replacement fits snugly in the hilt.

Can I add a blade to my saber?
Many of our sabers are created using pipe with a one inch inner diameter. Each saber is drilled and tapped and utilizes two small mounting screws to affix an aftermarket polycarbonate blade. 

My saber has lost its shine after years of use, is this fixable?
Yes! Using a wire brush, remove the clear coat. Once the old clear coat is removed, sand any undesirable wear or scratches out of the steel, polish to the desired shine and reapply a polyurethane or enamel clear coat.

Do your sabers make sound?
Our sabers do not make sound.

Can your hilts accommodate aftermarket electronics?
Our sabers are not designed with any aftermarket electronics in mind. 

Do you take commissions?
Yes, we take commissions. Contact us using the link below and we can discuss a few options.

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